Nov 3 – 9

The way the insubstantial sky appears
is that it may appear as anything.
The ceaseless insubstantial nature of mind
may also appear as anything.
Adept Godrakpa, Hermit of Go Cliffs

Practice Meetings

Tuesday Oct 5, 8:30am

Friday Nov 8, 7:00pm

This Week’s Koan

Book of Serenity #91, Blue Cliff Record #40

Nanquan’s “This Flower”

The high official Lu and Nanquan were talking and paused.

Lu said  “Dharma Master Zhao says, ‘Heaven, Earth, and I are the same root. The 10,000 things and I are one body.’  Ha, how strange.”

Nanquan pointed to a flower in front of the hall. He called to the high official and said, “Nowadays people see this single flower as if it looks like an appearance in a dream.”

Hearing, seeing, feeling, and knowing are not each separate.
Mountains and rivers cannot be observed in the middle of a mirror.
When the moon in the frosty heaven sets in the middle of the night,
Who shares the shining cold reflection in the clear and still deep pool?

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