Oct 27 – Nov 2

The correct motivation for every action is essential.
Geshe Rabten, Advice From A Spiritual Friend

Practice Meetings

Tuesday Oct 29, 8:30am

Friday Nov 1, 7:00pm

This Week’s Koan

Book of Serenity #16, Blue Cliff Record #31

Mayoku Shook the Ring-Staff

Mayoku, with his ring-staff in hand, came to Shôkei. He circled Shôkei’s dais three times,
shook the ring-staff and stood there bolt upright.

Shôkei said, “Right, right!”

Mayoku then came to Nansen. He circled Nansen’s dais three times, shook the ring-staff and stood there bolt upright.

Nansen said, “Not right, not right!”

Then, Mayoku said, “Master Shôkei said, ‘Right, right!’ Why, Master, do you say, ‘Not right, not right!’?”

Nansen said, “With Shôkei it is right, but with you it is not right. This is nothing but a whirling of the wind. In the end, it will perish.”

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