How to Meditate

The simple basics:

Body: Sit up straight. Sit on the front edge of your chair or cushion. Extend your back, lifting the top of your head as high as it will go. In a chair, place feet flat on the floor about 8” apart; shins perfectly vertical.

Let your shoulders and arms completely relax. With your hands resting in your lap, cup one hand inside the other with the tips of the thumbs just barely touching.

Almost, but not quite, close your eyes. Leave them open a slit, with your gaze directed downward 45.

Mind: Bring attention to your breathing and count each exhale to yourself. Count up to 10, then start back again at 1. Repeat counting 1 to 10 throughout the silent period.

When your mind wanders, make a note of what it wandered off doing (e.g., planning, remembering, fantasizing), then gently bring yourself back to this moment and start again at 1.


Please read the more detailed instruction from Zen Mountain Monastery: click here.

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