Nov. 8-14

“This odd sense of an unfindable ‘watcher’ to which all of life is happening yet which is seemingly separate from all that is happening, which sometimes seems in control of ‘us’ and yet sometimes seems at the mercy of reality—what is it really? What is going on here?”

-Daniel Ingram


Practice Meetings
Friday Nov. 13, 7:00pm

This Week’s Koan

Book of Equanimity Case #75: Zuigan’s Everlasting Principle

Zuigan asked Gantô, “What is the intrinsic, everlasting principle?”
Gantô said, “It has moved.”
Zuigan said, “What if it moves?”
Gantô said, “You can’t see the intrinsic, everlasting principle.”
Zuigan thought for a moment. Gantô said, “If you acknowledge it, you are not yet free from the roots and their dust. If you do not acknowledge it, you are immersed in endless birth and death.”


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