Nov. 15-21

“Instead of fixating on what you want and trying to get reality to accede to your wishes, as we’re taught to do from an early age in our achievement-oriented culture, listen closely to the current of life as it flows through you, and allow it to carry you where it will. Ultimately, you realize that you’re not actually in control of your life at all—you’re being lived by life itself.”

-Stephan Bodian

Practice Meetings
Friday Nov. 20, 7:00pm

This Week’s Koan

Blue Cliff Record Case #33: Chinsô Has One Eye
National Minister Chinsô went to see Shifuku.
When Shifuku saw him coming, he drew a circle.
Chinsô said, “Your student has come, and that’s already a failure. Why do you bother to draw a circle in addition to that?”
Thereupon Shifuku closed the door of his room.
(Setchô said, “Chinsô has but one eye.”)


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