July 12 – 18

“I was wedded to all the stars of the sky.There was not a single star left, and I married every one of them with great spiritual pleasure. Then I married the moon.” 

-Ibn Arabi

Practice Meetings

Friday July 17, 7:00pm

This Week’s Koan

Book of Serenity #52
“Dharma Body”

Sôzan asked Elder Toku, “‘The true Dharma-body of Buddha is like the empty sky. It manifests its form corresponding to things — just like the moon on the water.’  How do you explain the principle of this corresponding?” 

 Toku said, “It is like a donkey looking into a well.” 

 Sôzan said, “You put it in a nice way, but you were able to say only eighty percent.” 

 Toku said, “How about you, Master?” Sôzan said, “It is like a well looking at a donkey.”

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