Jul 26 – Aug 1

“It’s only the ego that wants to surrender the ego; the real meaning of surrender does not involve anything external. It means to surrender to your true nature.” 

-Enza Vita

Practice Meetings

Friday July 31, 7:00pm

This Week’s Koan

Book of Serenity #59
“Deadly Snake”

A monk asked Seirin, “How is it when a practitioner goes along a narrow path?” 

Seirin said, “You will meet a deadly snake on the great road. I advise you not to run into it.” 

The monk said, “What if I do run into it?” 

Seirin said, “You will lose your life.” 

The monk said, “What if I don’t run into it?” 

Seirin said, “You have no place to escape from it.” 

The monk said, “Precisely at such a time, what then?” 

Seirin said, “It is lost.” 

The monk said, “I wonder where it is gone.” 

Seirin said, “The grass is so deep, there is no place to look for it.” 

The monk said, “You too, Master, must be watchful in order to get it.” 

Seirin clapped his hands and said, “This fellow is equally poisonous.”

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