Feb 9 – 15

When I received the news of cancer, I understood. Oh, yes, what is required of me now is that I be fully present to each new experience as it comes and that I engage with it as completely as I can. I don’t mean that I said this to myself. Nothing so conscious as that. I mean that my whole being turned, and looked, and moved toward the experience.
-Sandy Boucher, Hidden Spring

Practice Meetings

Thursday Feb 13, 8:30am

Friday Feb 14, 7:00pm

This Week’s Koan

Blue Cliff Record #24, Book of Serenity #60

Tetsuma the Cow

Ryû Tetsuma came to Isan.

Isan said, “Old Cow, you have come!”

Tetsuma said,  “Tomorrow there will be a great feast at Mt. Tai. Will you go there, Master?”

Isan lay down and stretched himself out. Tetsuma left immediately.



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