Feb 2 – 8

Wisdom has three stages. The first one is knowledge acquired by hearing or reading. We reach the second stage when we make this knowledge our own by taking its guidelines to heart and trying to actualize them through thought, speech and action. As we do this more and more, our thoughts, words and deeds are purified, and the third and highest stage of wisdom arises. 
-Ayya Khema, Be an Island

Practice Meetings

Thursday Feb 6, 8:30am

Friday Feb 7, 7:00pm

This Week’s Koan

Blue Cliff Record #4

Deshan Carrying a Bundle

Deshan arrived at Guishan carrying under his arm his vestment bundle and went up into the Dharma Hall.  From the east he crossed to the west. From the west he crossed to the east.  He turned his head to look around and observe and said “Without, without.”  (alt.”Nothing, nothing” or “Not, not.”) Then he exited.

Deshan got to the main gate and turned back saying, “I should not get careless either.”

Then he prepared for a dignified ceremony and again entered to meet together.  Guishan sat.  Next Deshan lifted and unfolded his sitting paraphenalia (i.e., a sitting cloth or very thin mat) and said, “Venerable.”

Guishan intended to take up the whisk.  Deshan then shouted and shook (pun with whisk) his sleeves and then exited.

Deshan turned his back on the Dharma hall, put on his straw sandals, and then went on foot.  When evening arrived, Guishan asked the Head-Seat monk,   “The coming and going newcomer, where is he?”

The Head-Seat said, “At that time he turned his back and withdrew from the Dharma hall; wearing his straw sandals he exited and went away besides!”

Guishan said, “In that case, then, the son will afterwards be guided to ascend to the top of a solitary peak to tie and weave a grass hut where he will have leave to laugh at the Buddhas and revile the ancestors.”

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