May 1-7

“Earnestness, not perfection, is the precondition to self-realization.”

-Nisargadatta Maharaj


Book of Serenity Case #11: Unmon’s Two Diseases
Great Master Unmon said, “When the light does not penetrate, there are two diseases. Everything is unclear and things hang before you—this is one disease. Even after you have realized the emptiness of all things, somehow you feel as if there were still something there. This shows that the light has not yet penetrated thoroughly.

“Also there are two diseases concerning the Dharma-body. You have reached the Dharma-body, but you remain attached to the Dharma and cannot extinguish your own view; therefore, you lead a corrupt life around the Dharma-body—this is one disease. Suppose you have truly penetrated to the end, if you give up further efforts, it will not do. You examine yourself minutely and say you have no flaw—this is nothing but a disease.”

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