Nov. 29-Dec. 5

“When you surrender the grasping at the level of the gut, it may feel like you are going to die. But you don’t die; the illusion of a separate self dies. Still it may feel like you are going to die. Only when you are willing to die for the sake of truth can that grasping truly and authentically let go.”



Book of Equanimity Case #40: Unmon’s White and Black
Unmon asked Kempô, “May I ask for your answer?”
Kempô said, “Have you ever reached this old monk or not?”
Unmon said, “If so, I must say I was too late.”
Kempô said, “Is that so? Is that so?”
Unmon said, “I thought I was Marquis White, but I find that here is Marquise Black.”

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