Oct. 25-31

“Since I have come to this realization, all of my reference points have fallen away. The ground for clinging to an ‘I’ and ‘you’ has collapsed… In this wild chaotic state, everything spontaneously arises in its own good time and in its own good way. When I look at others, they seem like children taking things to be real that are not real, taking things to be true that are not true, trying to possess the unpossessable. Ha, ha! I burst out laughing at this amazing spectacle.”



Practice Meetings
Friday Oct 30, 7:00pm

This Week’s Koan

BCR CASE #66: Gantô and the Sword

Gantô asked a monk, “Where have you come from?”
The monk said, “From Saikyô.”
Gantô said, “After Kôsô was gone, did you get his sword?”
The monk said, “Yes, I got it.”
Gantô stuck out his neck, approached the monk, and said, “Ka!”
The monk said, “The Master’s head has already fallen.”
Gantô laughed loudly.

Later, the monk came to Seppô. Seppô asked, “Where have you come from?”
The monk said, “From Gantô.”
Seppô asked, “What did he say?”
The monk told him what had happened.
Seppô gave him thirty blows with his stick and drove him away.

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