May 10 – 16

“Let whatever happens, be what needs to happen, so that I may awaken.”

– T. Scott McLeod

Practice Meetings

Friday May 15, 7:00pm

This Week’s Koan

Blue Cliff Record #35
Three Threes

 Manjusri asked Wuzhu, “What place have you departed from recently?”

Wuzhu said, “The region of the South.”

Jusri said, “So how is the Buddha Dharma kept alive in the region of the South?”

Zhu said, “Recently, few of the mendicants of the Dharma respect moral discipline and the rules.” [fn35]

Jusri said, “How many assemblies?”

Zhu said, “Perhaps three hundred, perhaps five hundred.”

Wuzhu asked Manjusri, “So how is it kept alive in this space?”

Jusri said, “The ordinary and sacred reside together, dragons and snakes mingle.”

Zhu said, “How many assemblies?”

Jusri said, “Three threes in front; three threes in back.”

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