Jan 4 – 10

“The metaphor of movie for life is an interesting one. The frames go by so quickly that we retain the illusion of continuity and are distracted from the light that shines steadily through each frame.”

Robert Aitken

Practice Meetings

Friday Jan 9, 7:00pm


This Week’s Koan

Book of Serenity #32
“Mind and Objective World”

Kyôzan asked a monk, “Where do you come from?”

The monk said, “I am from Yû Province”

Kyôzan said, “Do you think of that place?”

The monk said, “I always do.”

Kyôzan said, “That which thinks is the mind. That which is thought about is the objective world. Within that are mountains, rivers and the great earth, towers, palaces, people, animals, and other things. Reflect upon the mind that thinks. Are there a lot of things there?”

The monk said, “I don’t see anything at all there.”

Kyôzan said, “That’s right for the stage of understanding, but not yet for the stage of personalization.”

The monk said, “Do you have any special advice, Master?” Kyôzan said, “It is not right to say that there is or there is not. Your insight shows that you have obtained only one side of the mystery. Sitting down, putting on clothes – from now on you see by yourself.”

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