Nov 9 – 15

“Life is like stepping onto a boat which is about to sail out to sea and sink.”
– Shunryu Suzuki
Practice Meetings

Friday Nov 14, 7:00pm

This Week’s Koan

Book of Serenity #95
“Rinzai Draws a Line”

Rinzai asked the temple steward, “Where have you come from?”

The temple steward said, “From selling brown rice in the province.”

Rinzai said, “Did you sell all of it?”

The manager said, “Yes, I sold all of it.”

Rinzai drew a line with his staff and said, “Have you sold all of this too?”

The manager shouted, “Kaatz!” Rinzai immediately struck him.

Later, the cook came to Rinzai, who told him about this incident. The monk said,

“The steward didn’t understand Your Reverence’s intention.”

Rinzai said, “How about you?”

The monk made a deep bow. Rinzai struck him likewise.

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