Oct 19 – 25

My daily activities are not unusual,
I’m just naturally in harmony with them.
Grasping nothing, discarding nothing…
Supernatural power and marvelous activity –
Drawing water and carrying firewood. 
Practice Meetings

Thursday Oct 23, 8:30am

Friday Oct 24, 7:00pm

This Week’s Koan

Book of Serenity #13
“Rinzai’s Blind Donkey”

When Rinzai was about to die, he entrusted Sanshô with his Dharma and said, “After my passing, do not destroy my treasury of the Eye of the true Dharma.”

Sanshô said, “How would I dare destroy your treasury of the Eye of the true Dharma?”

Rinzai said, “If someone asks you about it, how will you answer?”

Sanshô instantly shouted his Kaatz.

Rinzai said, “Who knows that my treasury of the Eye of the true Dharma has been destroyed by this blind donkey?”

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