Sept 21 – 27

“Therefore Ananda, live as an island unto yourself, with self as refuge, with no other refuge, the Dhamma as an island, the Dhamma as a refuge, with no other refuge.”
Practice Meetings

Thursday Sept 25, 8:30am

Friday Sept 26, 7:00pm

This Week’s Koan

Book of Serenity #83
“Dogo’s Nursing the Ill”

Isan asked Dôgo, “Where have you come from?”

Dôgo said, “I come from nursing the ill.”

Isan said, “How many people are ill?”

Dôgo said, “There are some ill, and some not ill.”

Isan said, “The one who is not ill – isn’t that you, dear Chi?”

Dôgo said, “Ill or not ill – it has nothing to do with ‘that’ matter. Say it quickly! Say it quickly!” Isan said, “Even if I could say it, it would have no connection with that matter.”


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