Mar 2 – 8

The only foundation stone of practice is renunciation.
The only gateway of practice is faith.
The only approach to practice is compassion.
-Jamgon Kongtrul, Creation and Completion

Practice Meetings

Thursday Mar 6, 8:30am

Friday Mar 7, 7:00pm

This Week’s Koan

Gateless Gate #37

Guishan’s Karma Consciousness 

Isan asked Kyôzan:

“Suppose a man asks you, saying, ‘All living beings are tossed in a vast karma-consciousness, and have no foundation to rely upon.’ How would you check him?”

Kyôzan replied:

“If such a monk appears, I call out to him, ‘Mr. So-and-so!’ When he turns his head, instantly I say, ‘What is this?’ If he hesitates, then I say to him, ‘Not only is there a vast karma-consciousness, but also there is no foundation to rely upon.'”

Isan said, “Good.”

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