Dec 8 – 14

The pillow for his bed
is a rock from mid-stream;
the spring from the well-bottom
flows to a pond through bamboo.
The night is half gone,
but the guest hasn’t slept;
he alone hears
the mountain rain arrive.
Chia Tao, When I Find You Again, It Will be in Mountains

Practice Meetings

Thursday Dec 12, 8:30am

Friday Dec, 13 7:00pm

This Week’s Koan

Book of Serenity #23

Roso Faces The Wall

Whenever Roso saw a monk coming, he immediately sat facing the wall.

Hearing of this, Nansen said, “I usually tell my people to realize what has existed before the kalpa of emptiness, or to understand what has been before Buddhas appeared in the world.

Still, I haven’t acknowledged one disciple or even a half. If he continues that way, he will go on even until the year of the donkey.”

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