Oct 6 – 12

If one is lonely neither in a crowd nor in the deep mountains, one is an able person who knows how to enjoy absolute freedom.
–Jae Woong Kim, Polishing the Diamond

Practice Meetings

Tuesday Oct 8, 8:30am

Friday Oct 11, 7:00pm

This Week’s Koan

Gateless Gate #19

Ordinary Mind is the Way

Joshu earnestly asked Nansen, “What is the Way?”

Nansen answered, “The ordinary mind is the Way.”

Joshu asked, “Should I direct myself toward it or not?”

Nansen said, “If you try to turn toward it, you go against it.”

Joshu asked, “If I do not try to turn toward it, how can I know that it is the Way?” Nansen answered, “The Way does not belong to knowing or not-knowing. Knowing is delusion; not-knowing is a blank consciousness. When you have really reached the true Way beyond all doubt, you will find it as vast and boundless as the great empty firmament. How can it be talked about on a level of right and wrong?”

At these words, Joshu was suddenly enlightened.


The spring flowers, the moon in autumn,
The cool breezes of summer, the winter’s snow;
If idol concerns do not cloud the mind,
This is man’s happiest season.

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