Sept 22 – 28

Its essence is emptiness, so abandon self-denial and self-improvement.
Its nature is empty radiance, so let your dilligent effort drop away.  
Everything is unobstructed, so forget your preferences.
Just as phenomena arise, let them be, and do not cling to them.
–Shabkar, The Flight of the Garuda

Practice Meetings

Tuesday Sept 24, 8:30am

Friday Sept 27, 7:00pm

This Week’s Koan

Blue Cliff Record #75

Wujiu’s Unjust Stick

A monk who was a follower of the assembly of Venerable Dingzhou’s side came and arrived at Wujiu.

Wujiu asked, “How does the Way of the Dharma of Dingzhou resemble this side?”

The monk said, “[It is] not different.”

Jiu said, “If not different then you should turn back to the other center and go.” Then he hit.

The monk said, “The tip of the stick has eyes. Don’t get careless hitting a person.”

Jiu said, “Today I hit at one in particular!”  Then he hit down thrice.

The monk then left.

Jiu said, “An unjust stick, from the first arrival there is a person enduring it.”

The monk turned his body around and said, “How can one quarrel when the handle is in the Venerable’s palm?”

Jiu said. “If you want it, this mountain monk will turn it around to give it to you.”

The monk went close in front and grabbed the stick from Jiu’s palm and hit down on Jiu thrice.

Jiu said, “An unjust stick, an unjust stick.”

The monk said, “There is a person enduring it”

Jiu said, “I carelessly hit at this particular fellow.”

The monk then did a ritual bow.

Jiu said, “A Venerable, but goes on like this!”

The monk laughed greatly and exited.

Jiu said, “Alleviating can be like this. Alleviating can be like this.”

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