May 12 – 18

When you see a truck bearing down on you, by all means jump out of the way. But spend some time in meditation, too. Learning to deal with discomfort is the only way you’ll be able to handle the truck you didn’t see.

–Bhante Henepola Gunaratana, Mindfulness in Plain English

Practice Meetings

Tuesday May 14, 8:30am

Friday May 17, 7:00pm

This Week’s Reading

Thich Nhat Hanh, Old Path White Clouds, Chapter 43, “Everyone’s Tears Are Salty”.

This Week’s Koan

Blue Cliff Record #18, Book of Serenity #85

“The National Teacher’s Stupa Pattern”

Emperor Suzong asked National Teacher Zhong, “After your 100 years, what object ought to be in place?”

The National Teacher said, “Build a particular seamless stupa to give to this old monk.”

The Emperor stated, “Please teacher, what is the pattern of the stupa?”

The National Teacher was quietly respectful for long time and said, “Do you understand?”

The Emperor said, “I do not understand.”

The National Teacher said, “I have handed down the Dharma to my disciple Danyuan,, however he is fully acquainted with this business. Please decree that the question goes to him.”

Afterwards, the National Teacher passed into transformation.

The Emperor decreed that Danyuan be asked, “What is this meaning?”

Yuan said, “South of Xiang river, north of the lake,”

Xuedou’s attached words say, “A single palm does not make the sound of waves.

“In the middle there is gold sufficient for the whole nation.”

Xuedou’s attached words say, “A staff shaped in the mountains.”

“Below the shadowless tree, we’re united in the same boat.”

Xuedou’s attached words say, “A peaceful sea, a clear river.”

“Above the Crystal Palace, there is no knowledge.”

Xuedou’s attached words say, “Picking it up is finished!”

Xuedou’s Ode says:

Looking back at the seamless stupa is difficult.
The clear and still deep pool does not allow the green dragon to coil up (within it).
The floors go down and down, the reflections go round and round,
For 1,000 ancient ages, 10,000 ancient ages, people take part in watching over it.

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