Oct. 29-Nov. 4

“Accept yourself just as you are, with all of your struggles and issues and weaknesses. And in accepting yourself, you’re simply agreeing to the fact that you are already accepted by the entire universe, just as you are.”

-Ruben L. F. Habito


This Week’s Discussion Topic
How has your practice changed your relationship with time, both on the micro and macro scale?

Oct. 15-21

“As a student of the dharma, I believe that when we talk about a negative sense of ‘difference’ this is only a perceived lack of connection, and that difference offers the potential to create or manifest connection in a new and fulfilling way.”

-Patricia Mushim Ikeda

This Week’s Discussion Topic
Given today’s quote about “difference,” in what ways might you connect with someone who identifies as a neo-nazi or white supremacist if you were guaranteed a peaceful space in which to do so? In other words, how could you relate with them as a fellow human being, rather than seeing them as an “enemy” or outsider?

Sept. 8-14

“If I’m torn between truth and falsehood, I ask myself if the choice I’m leaning toward would be self-serving or selfless, harsh or kind, harmful or harmless. Only then can I know what’s best to do.”

-Lin Jensen


This Week’s Discussion Topic
When it comes to making tough decisions, who or what do you turn to for guidance, and how does that process work?


Sept 1-7

“Understanding and accepting who you really are right now is as important as the commitment to become someone more open and generous.”

-Dale S. Wright

This Week’s Discussion Topic
What is one quality that you’ve had to “accept” about yourself, and how have you incorporated this into your practice?

Sept. 24-30

“When suffering, you can reverse the normal habit of focusing on the arising of each new thought or feeling, and instead watch for each new passing. Micro-relief is constantly available.”

-Shinzen Young


REMINDER: Due to the Fall Retreat at GRC, the Friday night DCZC sit has been cancelled. For more information about the retreat or to reserve your spot, please visit the GRC website at www.gainesvilleretreatcenter.com.


Sept. 3-9

“Equality is about giving up the constant desire to lift yourself above others so that you appear superior to them. Awakening is about lifting everybody up together with you.”

-Dawa Tarchin Phillips


This Week’s Discussion Topic
With Hurricane Irma bearing down on us, what lessons do you think such a devastating weather event has the power to teach us?

Aug. 27-Sept. 2

“Learn to selectively water the positive seeds and flowers in your mind by attending to them. There are enough weeds; you don’t have to encourage them.”

-Thomas Bien


This Week’s Discussion Topic
Given today’s quote, do you have any methods or practices that you use to deal with negative and/or positive thought streams?


Aug 20-26

“We all believe in something: self, non-self, an omnipotent Creator, karma, science, reality, emptiness, dragons, angels, etc. And when we see that such belief colors every stratum of our experience of reality, we can embrace others as kindred believers, regardless of the shades they tend to favor.”

-Pamela Gayle White

This Week’s Discussion Topic
In Buddhism, people often claim that the world is only an illusion. How do you understand this statement?

Aug. 13-19

“Right intention is like a muscle—you develop it over time by exercising it. When you lose it, you just start over again. There’s no need to judge yourself or quit when you fail to live by your intentions.”

-Phillip Moffitt

This Week’s Discussion Topic
What role does honesty play in your practice?

Aug. 6-12

“To me, the way to not waste time is to find something useful in every moment, no matter what is happening.”

-Brad Warner

This Week’s Discussion Topic
What’s the danger in declaring certain things “sacred” and certain things “profane”? Aren’t there things out there that we can all agree should be respected, or on the other hand, things that we can all agree should be condemned?