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Sept. 3-9

“Equality is about giving up the constant desire to lift yourself above others so that you appear superior to them. Awakening is about lifting everybody up together with you.”

-Dawa Tarchin Phillips


This Week’s Discussion Topic
With Hurricane Irma bearing down on us, what lessons do you think such a devastating weather event has the power to teach us?

Aug. 27-Sept. 2

“Learn to selectively water the positive seeds and flowers in your mind by attending to them. There are enough weeds; you don’t have to encourage them.”

-Thomas Bien


This Week’s Discussion Topic
Given today’s quote, do you have any methods or practices that you use to deal with negative and/or positive thought streams?


Aug 20-26

“We all believe in something: self, non-self, an omnipotent Creator, karma, science, reality, emptiness, dragons, angels, etc. And when we see that such belief colors every stratum of our experience of reality, we can embrace others as kindred believers, regardless of the shades they tend to favor.”

-Pamela Gayle White

This Week’s Discussion Topic
In Buddhism, people often claim that the world is only an illusion. How do you understand this statement?

Aug. 13-19

“Right intention is like a muscle—you develop it over time by exercising it. When you lose it, you just start over again. There’s no need to judge yourself or quit when you fail to live by your intentions.”

-Phillip Moffitt

This Week’s Discussion Topic
What role does honesty play in your practice?

Aug. 6-12

“To me, the way to not waste time is to find something useful in every moment, no matter what is happening.”

-Brad Warner

This Week’s Discussion Topic
What’s the danger in declaring certain things “sacred” and certain things “profane”? Aren’t there things out there that we can all agree should be respected, or on the other hand, things that we can all agree should be condemned?

July 30-Aug. 5

“A feeling-tone is a feeling-tone, and that’s all. Just like anything else, the invitation is to be with it, not to listen to it, not to ignore it, not to push it away, not to repress it, not to act on it.”

-Dr. Jay Michaelson


This Week’s Discussion Topic
When negative emotions and thoughts come up, what is your default response to them if you’re not being mindful? For example, do you repress them, try to rationalize them, painfully feel them, etc.

July 23-29

“The Buddha described his teaching as ‘going against the stream.’ The unflinching light of mindful awareness reveals the extent to which we are tossed along in the stream of past conditioning and habit.”

-Stephen Batchelor


This Week’s Discussion Topic
When you first started practicing, what were some of the first behaviors and thought patterns you noticed coming up most for you? How did meditation help you deal with them?

July 16-22

“When we allow space into our practice, we begin to see the impermanent nature of the thoughts and feelings that arise within our experience—as well as of the conditions, many of which we have absolutely no control over.”

—Tsoknyi Rinpoche

This Week’s Discussion Topic
Given the fact that nearly all of our thoughts randomly appear in our minds, and we don’t seem to have any control over them, except for choosing whether or not we believe and/or engage with them, what does this say about free will? This question is of upmost importance, brothers and sisters, so discuss with absolute fervor and intensity!

July 2-8

“First, one must get to know oneself. Then, having become familiar with oneself, one can live one’s life more deeply. Living one’s life more deeply is the meaning of dharma.”

-Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje


This Week’s Discussion Topic
Explain what “dharma” means to you and how you experience it in everyday life.

June 18-24

“What gets in the way of this movement toward our authentic self, more than anything, is our insistence on identifying with the small self: preserving our narrow world of being special, of needing to look and feel a particular way.”

-Ezra Bayda

This Week’s Discussion Topic
Have you ever come close to or actually given up practicing? Why, and what led you back?