Monthly Archives: February 2017

Feb. 19-25

“The mind that sees something quickly dies, and a different consciousness hears a sound. No self or soul carries over from one perceptual act to the next. In truth, your life-span is only one moment long.”

-Cynthia Thatcher


This Week’s Discussion Topic
What does “no-self” mean to you?

Feb. 12-18

“Disgusting things get thrown on the earth, but the earth isn’t horrified by them. When you make your mind like the earth, neither agreeable nor disagreeable sensory impressions will take charge of it.”

-Thanissaro Bhikkhu


This Week’s Discussion Topic
What are some examples of how you’ve personally engaged in “spiritual materialism”?

Feb. 5-11

“The idea that what is here and now is less valuable than what’s over there just past the finish line prevents us from ever being truly content and happy right where we are.”

-Brad Warner


This Week’s Discussion Topic
What types of “conditioning” have been most difficult for you to see through?