Monthly Archives: September 2016

Sept. 25-Oct. 1

“The pleasure one experiences on achieving a goal or acquiring an object of desire is wrongly ascribed to achievement or acquisition. The joy does not come from fulfilling the desire. Instead, cause-less joy—which is our true nature—shines unobstructed when we are momentarily without desire.”

-Sri Atmananda


This Week’s Discussion Topic
What is the most useful lesson you’ve ever learned from a spiritual teacher, and how has it affected your practice?

Sept. 18-24

“When you no longer seriously entertain the whole conceptual story of a life extended in thought beyond the present content of awareness, conceptual living is seen for what it is and ceases to be the exclusive focus of attention.”

-Nathan Gill


This Week’s Discussion Topic
Given the famous quote by Shunryu Suzuki below, how have you personally experienced “beginner’s mind” and/or “expert’s mind,” and how did that mindset help or hinder your practice?

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few.”

Sept. 11-17

“If you’re convinced that you are a separate, individual self in charge of your life and thoughts, try any of these experiments: 1) In this moment, decide to feel elation and then actually feel it. 2) Think of your least favorite food and for the next five minutes, really crave that food. 3) Consider your opinion on capital punishment and then change it, so that you fully believe in the opposing viewpoint. 4) Ask yourself what your next three thoughts will be and see if you can know them in advance.”

-Leo Hartong


This Week’s Discussion Topic
How do your thoughts about reality differ from actual reality? Share examples of the difference(s) and how this disparity can lead to delusion/suffering.

Sept. 4-10

“Every experience you’ve ever had—good or bad—plays a role in your awakening. That means you can never say that anything in your life has been totally useless or unnecessary.”


This Week’s Discussion Topic
What part(s) of your identity are you most strongly attached to and/or afraid of giving up?

Aug 28-Sept. 3

“Nothing is worth the measure we give it, because worth doesn’t really exist. It is a figment of our judging minds—an imaginary yardstick to measure the imaginary value of imaginary distinctions, and one more way we withhold ourselves from the whole enchilada of life that lies before us.”

-Karen Maezen Miller



This Week’s Discussion Topic
What are some your favorite methods for enhancing concentration/focus during meditation?